Dallas Jet Aircraft Charter FAQ

What if I have extensive executive or personal travel needs but don’t want the cost of owning an aircraft?

Business Jet Access will help you tailor a customized program that might include discounts for block time purchased!

What level of training do Business Jet Access pilots receive?

The minimum experience levels for Business Jet Access’ pilots are:


  • Airline Transport Pilot Rating
  • 5000 flight hours total time
  • 2500 flight hours as Pilot-in-Command (as defined by FAR 61.51(e))

First Officer:

  • 2500 flight hours total time
  • 1000 flight hours Pilot-in-Command (as defined by FAR 61.51 (e))
  • 500 flight hours Multi-engine airplane

Additional Crew Requirements:

  • While many operators simply meet FAA minimums, we exceed them. In addition to the requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration, BJA has instituted the following mandatory principles for continued safety:
  • Full Service Training at Flight Safety International and CAE Simuflite are required a minimum of two times per year.
  • Required completion of:
    • Flight Physiology – Altitude Chamber
    • CPR, Water Survival, Defibrillator Training
    • Computer Training Systems for self-paced continuing education
    • International Procedures Training
    • Crew Resource Management
    • Company safety policy
    • Accident Prevention and Risk Management
    • Safety Awareness & Accident Prevention Training
    • Incident, Accident & Hazard Reporting
    • Flight and Maintenance Operations Monitoring
    • Emergency Incident Response Plan (EIRP)
    • Robust management infrastructure to drive accountability and standardization
    • Access to pilot peer group for continuing education

Are there any cancellation fees?

All trips cancelled within 48 hours of a the departure time set forth in the Quoted Itinerary are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the charge for the cancelled itinerary.

All trips cancelled within 24 hours of a the departure time set forth in the Quoted Itinerary are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the charge for the cancelled itinerary.

On Business Jet Access Peak Demand Days and International trips cancelled within 72 hours of the departure time set forth in the Quoted Itinerary are s ubject to cancellation fee equal to the full charge for the cancelled itinerary.

What if Business Jet Access does not have an aircraft available for me to charter?

If we do not have an aircraft available that satisfies your travel requirements, we will use our network of approved charter operators to obtain what you are looking for. We only use operators that have successfully obtained a Wyvern® or ARG/US® Gold/ Platinum rating for your safety and protection.

Where in the world may I travel?

Chartering a private aircraft grants you access to thousands of General Aviation airports located throughout the United States and Worldwide. We require a runway length minimum of at least *5,000 feet for all jet aircraft and 3,500 feet for turboprops. *Weather conditions may require a longer runway.

What type of catering is provided for private aircraft charters?

All charter aircraft are stocked with standard onboard snacks and beverages such as soft drinks, liquors & mixers, pretzels, chips, assorted candy bars, and chewing gum.

We will also make every effort to obtain any specific item or meals that you would like. Additional catering requests will be billed upon completion of the trip.

Are Client Services and Dispatch representatives available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week?

Yes! For your convenience, all Client Services reps are available 24/7/365 to assist you in your travel needs.

There’s no such thing as “after business hours”. Simply call the main number, 214.654.1528, to reach a charter representative anytime, day or night.

Is a Cabin Service Representative/Flight Attendant required for each jet charter?

On smaller aircraft such as the light and midsize jets, Cabin Service Representatives/Flight Attendants are optional. On our large cabin aircraft, however, company policy requires a cabin service representative and/or a flight attendant for your safety and that of the aircraft.

What are charter aircraft “Short Leg” fees?

Short leg fees are defined as any point-to-point travel that is less than 400 nautical miles. These are billed on a per leg basis, usually at approximately $200.00 each. This fee is necessary in order to cover the additional cost incurred by short legs because the aircraft has to fly at a lower altitude when traveling short distances. Thus, fuel burn average is much higher.

What is “Minimum Use Hours” and how is it billed?

Minimum Use Hours is the billable cost for the downtime of the aircraft on a trip. Trips are generally quoted based on a 2-hour minimum per day usage.
For example:

  • A 4-day trip only has an actual flight time of 6.2 hours
  • 4 day trip = 8 hour minimum
  • 8 hour minimum – 6.2 actual flight hours = 1.8 hours of Minimum Use Hours
  • Minimum Use Hours X hourly cost of the aircraft = Minimum Use Hours fee